Global Volunteer Foundation

about us

who we are

Welcome, warm greetings to you from Ghana and the Global volunteer foundation's family.

Firstly, let me thank you for having patience and time to visit our website, learn, connect and partner us to transform deprived communities, support human right initiatives and advocate for universal education and eradication of poverty in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

Global volunteer foundation is a non-profit organization found by Nicholas kirk Addo in 2012, a social entrepreneur who have undying love for economic development for sub-Saharan Africa. The organization is run by a young breed of volunteers who are passionate about the increased plights of marginalized people and their communities and since been working round the clock making outstanding difference in areas of health, human right, food security, poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, sports programs, skills and development in agriculture, social entrepreneurship and other innovative project that will advance the social and economic development of communities.

There are many needy poor downtrodden and weak people in the society, who with a little care/support at the right time can overcome and come out of their adverse circumstances and smile again and move forward to reach the pinnacle. Global volunteer foundation has the conviction that love and contrivance are potent armaments in the fight for the poor and deprived communities. We identify problems facing local communities and devise strategies and innovations to solving them. We promote interventions that lead to sustainable development of local communities through capacity building, research and development. Volunteerism and social enterprise projects.

Global Volunteer Foundation is expected to continue to grow by adopting various strategies that would propel it to have a sustained impact on the lives throughout Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa. Through good governance and sustainable inclusive development through participatory approaches, networking and partnerships.

our vision

Global Volunteer Foundation is service oriented non-profit organization addressing sub-Saharan Africa issues by assisting deprived communities in the following areas: health, education, agriculture and environmental sustainability. We aim to reduce poverty through our micro-finance initiative, social entrepreneurship. Improve women and youth condition, empower the spreading out of a human right culture and start up developmental projects. Our vision is a world where cultures are valued, the awareness of sub-Saharan Africa's issues is built up and effectively communicated, in order to affect a positive change.

our mission

Today, to become a global leader one needs not only knowledge about the core functional disciplines that professional schools offer. But also a deep understanding of the broader architecture of the globalized world and the forces that shape it. For this reason, we implement platforms for students, individuals, organizations with social responsibilities to participate in our socially driven programs. Working side by side with local institutions and other grassroots organizations, we provide the highest quality volunteering abroad services, internships and gap year initiatives which is making sustainable impact in communities. We accomplish this through an equal commitment to recruit and retain the best human resources by ensuring their welfare and motivation, so as offering them exciting and fulfilling experiences that result in efficient and effective volunteer work.