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This application will be used to assess whether an applicant is suitable as a volunteer for Global Volunteer Foundation's programs as well as to place applicants on the project that will best suit their skills, experience and interests.

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Global Volunteer Foundation would like to know the following details about you:
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Project Related Knowledge, Experience and Expectations:

Volunteering with GVF provides you with an opportunity to experience the life changing power of peer-to-peer development and gain valuable international work experience. Consider the variety of Global Volunteer Foundation programs addressing issues of food security, health and livelihoods, partner capacity building or building and infrastructure and then consider your role as a participant on a Global Volunteer Foundation project.

1. What excites you about the opportunity to volunteer internationally?*

2. What skills and experience do you think you have that would contribute to development program?*

3. What experience or knowledge would you hope to gain, or what skills would you like to develop through volunteering with us?*

4. What does leadership mean to you? How would you describe your leadership qualities and what skills do you bring to working in a team environment?*

5. Do you have experience living, working or traveling overseas or in remote communities? Please describe.*

6. What are you most looking forward to about living conditions on a GVF project such as group living, sharing a room with another volunteer, or living with a home stay family?*