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We have various initiatives that are in line with the UNITED NATION’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) and we work closely with families, communities, partners, volunteers and supporters. These initiatives are designed to fit under the following areas:-

As a Non-Profit Organization, a major derivative of our funding is through grants and donations from well abled organizations who support our causes and quest to help in eradicating the plights of individuals who struggle through to even get a daily bread. Donations made to the organization will be directed to the appropriate project where the priority will be attached to the year’s priority financial needs (projects).Global Volunteer Foundation sets aside a certain amount of money that can be made available very quickly to address urgent issues.

We seek the services of volunteers both home and abroad to achieve our set goals. We as an organization cannot work to achieve these goals therefore the help and extra hands of volunteers is what we need to gain success. The wok of volunteers vary in different fields and specialties which are brought together to promote organization .One of the most important pillars of the organization is YOU the volunteer, so bring on board your expertise to build a solid and unshaken foundation for it is said that, “UNITY IS STRENGTH.” We have strategically, tailored projects where you would want to support by way of volunteering skills or material resources to help the less privileged and neglected. Global Volunteer Foundation solidly agrees to Kofi Annan where he said this about Volunteerism that – "Let us remember the large numbers of citizens who, day in and day out, through acts of volunteerism large and small, bring hope to so many of the world’s disadvantaged. Let us ensure that this wonderful resource, available in abundance to every nation, is recognized and supported as it works towards a more prosperous and peaceful world."

Global Volunteer Foundation believes that the private sector can play an important role in helping a society attain environmental sustainability. Approaching life from a perspective that focuses on an internal approach is one method we have also adopted to start from home thereby the need to seek help from other well established and respected corporate institutions within our reach and also as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).GVF finds the need to join hands with other corporate bodies to carry out certain activities in various areas and projects. We form partnership with these organizations and hope to partner with organizations abroad also to corporate social cohesiveness and thereby building corporate goodwill.GVF also places a strong emphasis on forming partnerships to attain sustainability and funds that use strategies that include partnerships with other NPOs with complementary goals.

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. a famous tennis player once in his lifetime said this – “Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.” Inspired by this saying, Global Volunteer Foundation undertakes self-financing initiatives to fund the NPO’s activities through the following:-

Membership fees and subscriptions as enshrined in organization’s constitution fees for services, e.g. training and consultancy. Income generating activities linked to work of the NPO, e.g. publication sales, sales of GVF’s paraphernalia, income from agriculture generating projects etc. Investment income from reserves and endowment funds. Donations and gifts in kind from supporters/patrons.

GVF’s seeks local financing which concentrates efforts on gaining financial support from our local certain and institutions. This includes:-

Fund-raising from the general public – e.g. through legacies and regular giving programmes. Businesses – sponsorship and donations, or provision of skills and facilities. National government – as an NPO donor or NPOs as sub-contractors to government. Local government grants and partnerships. Fund-raising from specific sectors – e.g. legal, accounting, arts or medical profession, etc.

We count on your support to develop our programs and make real impacts in the lives of downtrodden people and support communities across Ghana and Africa.

Global Volunteer Foundation


Orphanage and Youth Development Center
Improve Education
Human Right Advocacy
Sports for Social Change
Community Development
Medicine and Public healthcare

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Global Volunteer Foundation


Journalism Internship
Business Internship
Criminal and civil law Internship
Dentistry Elective
Nursing Internship
Midwifery Internship
International Relation Internship
Veterinary Medicine

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Summer 2016 Social Entrepreneurship

Extreme poverty is defined as living on $1.25 or less a day. In 2010, 414 million people were living in extreme poverty across sub-Saharan Africa. According to the World Bank, those living on $1.25-a-day accounted for 48.5 percent of the population in that region in 2010. The Factors that causes extreme poverty ranges from lack of enterprise development, health to education, water and sanitation, hunger, power crisis and human right abuse. Author = P.J. O'Rourke noted on his trip to Tanzania for his book Eat the Rich that gravel was produced with manual labor (by pounding rocks with tools), where in almost everywhere else in the world machines did the same work far more cheaply and efficiently. He used Tanzania as an example of a nation with superb natural resources that nevertheless was among the poorest nations in the world.